The Timers of the Zodiac – Eclipses 2018

Every Year we have an average of four eclipses. These occur near the lunar Nodes, which moved onto the Aries-Libra Axis late 2004. Solar eclipses take place at New Moon and Lunar Eclipses at Full Moon. North Node is linked to the Future and South Node to the past.

Timeline: April 8, 2018 -19° Aries 6′ – New Moon at the North Node
Early October 2004 we had an eclipse at the opposite point of Libra (21°). What was the new issue or event in your life back then? How could you be moving toward the future more independently with that foresight? This new Moon is about boldly going where you haven’t before. It is about collecting your tools, recognizing your strengths and being innovative and pioneering. Jupiter is in Libra at the South Node this year, and the scales are not balanced. Letting go is not an option, it is more about acknowledging what you have, what you have done and building upon that. If you were born between April 4-12 and October 4-12, you are more likely to feel this one more personally. Luck happens when opportunity meets with preparation.

Timeline: April 24, 2018 – 4°Scorpio 20′ – Full Moon – Moon at South Node
In October we had an eclipse at 5° Scorpio the pair for this one takes place at the end of April, both of these are lunar eclipses. The first one in October was perhaps more potent but as that time frame is fresh in our minds we can look back to see if anything happened back then. If the answer is no, then chances are nothing will take place at the end of April either. If your recollection or view is a little myopic as this event was too close, then think back to the Spring of 1986 (or the other years listed above). If you were born October 26-29 or April 26-29 your Sun is singed by this eclipse. It is a nudge to move on into uncharted territory. If you know the house position in your chart, look to that for clues as to what this might entail. In the 9th for example, this might have you moving to a distance or bring about interesting travels; perhaps just a lot of contact with in-laws who also belong to this part of the chart. Full Moons always represent culmination, and letting go of the past.

Timeline: October 3, 2018 – 10°Libra 19′ – New Moon at the South Node
This eclipse is about balancing two conflicting needs, typically within relationships. All of our interactions with people and things boil down to a relationship. Have to learn from the past but can go back. Going back always involves returning to a changed set of circumstances. When we accept something new into our lives it typically also involves letting go. I look at this eclipse as the most potent for this year. If you were born around this date in October or April, life gets mighty personal. Compromise is also required; having your way is not an option rather you need to take the needs of others into consideration. (source:

Timeline: October 17, 2018 – 24°Aries 13′ – Full Moon – Moon at North Node
The Sun and Jupiter are at the South Node and the Moon does not reflect the light of the Sun at a Lunar eclipse. The indication might be that rational thought is challenging and our desire nature rules almost instinctively. Normally at full Moon we have culmination and we can clearly see where we are now; this October that might not be the case. We always get more than one opportunity, the pair for this eclipse rolls around next year.

Last year I had several emails regarding an eclipse on a personal point in the chart such as the ASC or the Sun. The eclipses themselves are neither negative nor positive; they are simply timers that sound an alarm to alert us to things we have done our best to ignore. Alternately they are timers to sound applause when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. However, if an eclipse is within 2 degrees of a personal point especially applying, ask yourself have you been paying attention to your well being? You can’t go ignoring potential diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. indefinitely. Health matters aren’t limited the two I used in the previous sentence, rather I wanted to also show that those two ailments are treatable. Eclipses are sort of a wake up call. Unless these points are active in your chart and other previous planetary alignments have already brought issues close to the surface these may be a total non-event.

I am always reluctant to give pat answers with eclipses; I view these as the timers in our astrological tool box. The point in the chart has been activated over an extended period of time – 18 years to be precise. Then along comes an eclipse to the point, and we reap what we have sown. The buzzer goes off on that timer or alarm clock; heads up what have you been doing? To get some clues for you personally, take a walk down memory lane to the year 1986, and to Spring time and early Autumn. What were the changes happening in your life, remember that with eclipses these are memorable ones. The next topic addresses the underlying process, which astrologically speaking, is to do with the nodal axis – our internal compass being realigned so that we stay on course with our lives.