Chinese astrology 2018 – lucky colors

The Year of the earth dog ( from February 16, 2018 to February 7, 2019, combines the practicality and slow growth of earth with the creative, social nature , and emotional sensitivity of the dog.

The natives of dog, Hare and Pig will be especially lucky. People will simply want to help you! Teamwork becomes a priority. Meet with other people on a regular basis, work voluntarily for your community, and spend more time just hanging out and having fun. According to website , this are the lucky colors to wear in 2018 .

Practice your patience at the beginning of the year. The powerful Solar Eclipse of March 20 will challenge many (especially the natives of Dragon, Rat and Monkey) to give up old patterns and move in new directions. What remains behind then will no longer be necessary for a happy and rewarding life.

The events that happen under the Lunar Eclipse of April 4 have a special meaning for the natives of Ox, Serpent and Rooster. Relationship issues will surface and demand attention.

earth encourages careful analysis and practical solutions. Sudden advances become possible if you have honesty. Do not ponder in fear or anger. You are responsible for the way you interpret what comes to you. Forgiveness and gratitude become powerful forces for personal transformation.

By June, entertainment, romance, creative innovation, and humor lead to optimism. Having too much fun is a possibility. The cheerful Signs of dog, Hare and Pig will be strongly tempted to spend more than is reasonable on luxury or pleasure items.

The New Moon of August 14 is fortunate for love, especially for the friendly and active Tiger, Horse and Dog. Listen to your heart and do more of the things you like.

By September, conflicts related to religious or political ideals are prone to heat up. The energy of the earth dog encourages a calmer and more cooperative approach. Qualities such as universal love, rational thought, and community spirit become stronger and should be encouraged. Identify what you have in common with others instead of focusing on the differences.

The Lunar Eclipse of September 27 can be a wake-up call regarding a toxic relationship. Establish personal limits You have permission to put your needs first. Clinging to the past for sentimentality, fear, or the need to control will only stall you even more. Deciding to act will allow a new chapter of your life to open up.

The others will support you. Breakdowns become advances when you have the courage to stick to your beliefs. The month of October places the focus on work and service. Doing things with and for others is the tone of the year. A positive flow of energy can produce an increase in the financial and professional markets (in particular, the health and services sectors).

Since the dog is famous for landing on its feet, this could be the time when everyone begins to feel more secure. Skills influenced by earth require time to be learned, and to bring recognition and rewards. Consider making changes to your lifestyle to improve your health and invite your friends to join your effort.

At the end of the year, the determined and analytical signs Ox, Serpent, and Rooster, will be reaping the fruits of patience and careful planning. The month of January 2016 brings a significant change in energy. Expect interesting surprises.

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